Friday, August 17, 2012

Why, Hello There!

Hello Everyone!

As those of you who already knew of my blog's existence may have noticed... I have remodelled it into an all inclusive blog mainly for my cake decorating and baking!
For those of you that had no idea that I even had a blog, don't worry, you didn't miss out on much and this one will be much better!

I will attempt (ATTEMPT) to post weekly until I have caught up with all of the cakes I have made to date that I consider note worthy enough to go on this big thing called the internet! However, it won't always be cakes that I post. There are a few things non-cake related that I will post, whether it's just a particular meal I made, baking that isn't a cake or something in my life I want to post about, I don't know. But hopefully you will enjoy it :)

It's a tough decision this one... Having to chose the cake to start off my blog with! I guess I would like it to make an impression on you, However, I don't know whether to go story like and start at the beginning, with the first cakes that got me in to decorating, or to just start with something that I think is my best cake.

I guess seeing as this is the first ever post about caking and baking, I will start with where it began for me.
To do this, I think I will share three cakes with you, as they were all around the same time and is what kicked off my cake decorating, including friends asking me to make a cake for them like one of the ones I had made.

It all started with three people. My Nana and Mum and my friend Georgia. Georgia - aka Ga - and I had been away together a few times, and from this and our general life, there were a multitude of personal jokes. One of these personal jokes ended in Ga being nick named "Pigga" - like pig but... cuter? Due to this nick name, when her birthday came around, I wanted to make her a pig shaped cake. Where do my Nana and Mum come in? Well, they provided me with the inspiration for this cake. When I was little, they used to stay up and make my older sister and I the coolest birthday cakes, one of mine had been a pig, and this is where I took my idea from.

So, not wanting to mess things up, I went and bought sponge from the supermarket (I think this was the requested cake), both vanilla and chocolate and drew out shapes to use as stencils for a pig shaped cake. This cake remains the only one to date that I have bought the cake base for and just decorated. It provided a foundation confidence for me so that from then on I baked all my own cakes too. So, once I was all ready, I started to carve out the (basic) shapes to make up the pig.

This is one of the few cakes that I have taken photos of the process! So, here it is, the first of the three cakes... Ga's Pigga Cake!

If anyone wants more details on how it was done, let me know. I'm not planning on making this a "how to"/tutorial blog but I can give more details if wanted.

For those of you who know about cake decorating, this was before I knew any of the stuff I know now. I didn't even know about crumb coating, so there was crumbs in the icing but hey, this was my first attempt at cake decorating, not to mention stacking, decorative icing and carving!

I am forever grateful to all the wonderful cakers and bakers out there on YouTube and the How To blogs that have allowed me to research and learn how to improve everything cake related... Also the baking section in my uni library! Thanks to Clare for that little tip off ;)

Next week I will continue with the saga of the three cakes that began my love of caking with Mum's Moo Cow cake!

Bye for now Cup Cakes!
Muffin x o x o

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  1. Although its a pig, it didn't have bacon flavoured icing. That was a serious let down, and for my next cake, I expect better of you...
    Jk, it was SO. COOL.